Personal Finance Academy

Wealth Creation Masterclass

Wealth Creation Masterclass is the most practical, easy to apply, enlightening and life changing training program on the management of personal finances and investments.

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Personal Financial Planning

Personal Financial Planning is a program that aims at empowering financial advisors with knowledge and skills that help them offer viable solutions to their clients while diligently managing their finances and investments.


Setting financial goals gives you peace of mind and allows you to work towards financial independence. At PFA we are dedicated to ensure you are accountable to your goals and achieve your goals and objectives.

New Book Release

“Wallet Words” is a captivating, enriching and empowering resource on matters money and personal finance. The Book is a practical guide, a money management manual for everyone.

No one discusses money in plain, easy to understand language like Wahome Ngari. The book tackles money mindsets, taking charge, financial planning and achieving financial goals.

“Wallet Words” in my considered opinion is a must read for any individual who wants to change and experience a better relationship with money.

Dr. Vincent Ogutu, PhD
Author, Speaker and Entrepreneurship Consultant

Order Your Copy for Kes 1,500

Call/Text/WhatsApp: PFA Team 0782 150 137

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