Personal Finance Academy

Wealth Creation Masterclass

Wealth Creation Masterclass is the most practical, easy to apply, enlightening and life changing training program on the management of personal finances and investments.

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Personal Financial Planning

Personal Financial Planning is a program that aims at empowering financial advisors with knowledge and skills that help them offer viable solutions to their clients while diligently managing their finances and investments.

Head$tart Masterclass

The head$tart masterclass is a personal financial and career management course aimed at setting off young people on a journey of financial prosperity.


His Excellency  Kiraitu Murungi The Governor of Meru County

”Am happy because in the wealth creation masterclass, you are not scared to talk about money which affects our life greatly.

I wish this program can spread all over the country so that everyone can learn about money a subject that is never taught in school”


WACHIRA NYAMU,  Financial Advisor

“Before I started this class, I was financially naive and I was doing a lot of things from a point of ignorance.
Though I had the money, my finances were not going in the right direction.
After attending this training, am very empowered in relation to managing my finances, I’ve also acquired enough knowledge that will help me advice other people financially.This training is unique as it touches the inner self and it brings out the naivety in one self.

It makes you become intimate with your financial matters.”


IBRAHIM MWAURA, University Student
“When I attended the Headstart masterclass, I realized most of us young people want to get rich quickly but we don’t know what to do or how to do it.
Am now able to deal with financial issues more confidently and now I know it’s never too early to invest.’

HANNAH WANGARI, University Student

“One thing that stood out was retirement, something I have never thought about and I decided to open a contingency fund that will cater for my retirement as well as for emergencies.
This program is really helpful for young people”

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