When the bell rings ….

When the bell rings …. The bells rings at the end of the class, before the start of the Sunday service, when the lovebirds invite us to witness their union and when there is an emergency. It also rings when the employer says a job is no more, the position is redundant, and the employee has to move on? Am not sure whether it is Russia in Ukraine, COVID 19 now resurfaces in China again, the fuel run, the general elections on the way or

Quick Money Lessons for Kids

Your little kids are cute, adorable, loving and they trust you to the last drop. What is your pay back to them? What about some five quick money lessons for them from you? Trust me they will love it.

A Man’s’ Challenge

In these days of COVID 19 Pandemic, just like there before many men, feel restless, bored, inadequate, and lost. Men have been socialized as hunters, providers and protectors.

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