Wealth Creation Masterclass

 Season 23 

 Naomi Mumita ,Front Office Manager

Before I came for this class, I used to do a lot of impulse buying but I learnt how to track my expenses and am now able to plan for my expenditures, increase my savings and my pension funds.

Dr. Jeniffer Njaramba, Kenyatta University Lecturer
“I used to have debts that were not manageable in the sense that I always had fear, will I be able to pay all these? But after attending the wealth creation master class I was able to clear and differentiate between bad debts and good debts. I have a lot of calmness in my financial life and am really happy I attended this class”

  Season 22

Racquel Onyando Personal Development Coach

“One thing that is distinctive of this wealth creation masterclass from the personal finance academy is how real and applicable it is.”

 Quincy Onyando Instrumentation and Control Engineer

“Tracking of expenses has helped us to see there are areas we could actually avoid spending.”

Josphat Waithaka Retired accountant

“The wealth creation masterclass helped me to understand myself.”

 Linet Otibine Financial Analyst

“My biggest challenge was the feeling of being unprepared for life uncertainties but the wealth creation masterclass has really helped me in planning my life.”



Season 21

Personal Financial Planning Masterclass

 Pioneer Assurance Financial Advisors


 ICEA Lion Ambank Unit


 ICEA Lion Tulip Branch


Head$tart Masterclass

Testimonial Headstart Season 4

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