Wealth Creation Masterclass

The Wealth Creation Masterclass is the most practical, easy to apply, enlightening and life changing training program in the management of personal finances and investments.

It is all achieved by investing 4 hours every week divided into 2 sessions of 2 hours each for 10 consecutive weeks with other like-minded wealth seekers supported by a seasoned facilitating team.

We offer a 3 months post-graduation support for FREE, which has proved to be a jewel for those who have been through the program.

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More about the program

By the end of this course you shall have covered the following 10 sessions and graduate at the end.

1. A Wealth Creation Mindset

  • Hidden characteristics of money.
  • The basic wealth creation formula.
  • How our personalities affect our financial life.

2. How are my Finances

  • Financial journey of life.
  • Financial planning.
  • Net worth.
  • Debts and Contingency Funds.

3. The Big Five

  • Identifying the five big budget items in life and how to convert them into financial goals.
  • Why home ownership is important, how to own one with ease even if it means taking a mortgage.
  • Securing sun set years via practical retirement plan.

4. The Big Five Continues

  • Ensuring we are able to finance our children’s tertiary education by planning early.
  • Planning to take a holiday every year as a way of life. Life is for living.
  • The various ways of creating other income streams even as we make more money in our current engagements.

5. Getting more out of every shilling

  • Getting more out of every shilling.
  • Effective income management.
  • Budget development.
  • Shopping sensibly.
  • Credit Cards.
  • Taking advantage of tax laws.

6. Planting Money Trees

  • The five broad areas of investments.
  • The Five Money Trees.
  • What to consider when planning where to invest.
  • Making more money with others in chamas, investment clubs, saccos, retirement schemes and insurance policies.

7. Nurturing the Money Trees

  • How to make money in the high risk, high returns environment of shares & forex trading.
  • Opportunities of growing wealth using government bonds, treasury bills, unit trusts & corporate bonds.
  • Exploring the new areas of cryptocurrencyies, REITS and Managed Capital.
  • Basis of picking experts when investing

8. Consolidating the Money Trees

  • Consolidating the money trees.
  • Investing in real estate.
  • Business as a source of incomes.
  • Financing business n business ideas.
  • Farming as business.
  • Multi level marketing.

9. Protecting my Wealth

  • Identifying the potential risks that need to be managed.
  • Considering ways of managing risks at a personal level.
  • Discuss how to build the armory of risk management ranging from records management, insurance, healthcare contingency planning and estate planning.

10. Sharpening the saw for Wealth Creation

  • Establishing a personal records organizer.
  • How to compile a comprehensive financial plan.
  • Practical resources for sharpening the saw and obstacles that derail plan execution.

11. Final Session

  • Networking forum.
  • Sharing of commitment.
  • Graduation.
  • Implementation of personal financial program.


Online sessions on Zoom

2 Hours per lesson, 2 days a week for 10 weeks

Tuesday and Thursday evenings


7:00 pm – 9:00 pm


Payments can be made via Lipa na Mpesa Till Number 556495, cash or cheque made out to Citadel Consulting Limited.

Class perks

  • Wealth Creation Masterclass manual with the relevant notes
  • A one to one session with one of our financial educators
  • Reference materials, electronic templates, exercises
  • Confirmatory certificate of participation
  • Graduation, videography and photography
  • Clarity in financial matters.
  • SMART personal financial plans.
  • Knowledge of various investment vehicles.
  • Qualified personal financial plan.
  • Comfort of making informed financial decisions.
  • Knowledge of effective income management.

The program is for you the professional, business owner or employed person seeking to better and manage your personal finances and investments diligently.

Wahome Ngari

CEO, Citadel Consulting Limited

Founder Personal Finance Academy

Wahome Ngari is an accomplished business leader with a passion for building people and their businesses. His knowledge and expertise are founded primarily upon practices and hands-on experience acquired through the years as a successful leader in the business arena. He has committed many hours in learning from thought leaders within the wealth creation field and continues to ‘sharpen the saw’.


CEO, Citadel Consulting Limited, business growth specialist specializing in training, talent search, and Consultancy. He recently founded the Personal Finance Academy, an institution to empower people with holistic money management skills.


Personal Finance Educator

Chartered Insurer

Chartered Marketer



Master of Science in Entrepreneurship

Bachelor of Science (Statistics & Computing)

Associate, Chartered Insurance Institute, United Kingdom

Associate, Insurance Institute of Kenya

Associate, Chartered Institute of Marketing, United Kingdom

Financial Educator, Boston Institute of Finance, USA.

Career History

Independent Consultant – Citadel Consulting Ltd (Since 2009)

Head of Sales & Marketing – Metropolitan Life Kenya

Operations Director – Africa Life, Tanzania

Head of Human Capital Development – Pan Africa Life

Marketing Manager – Pan Africa Insurance.

Wahome and business

He has extensive corporate experience gained over many years as a Trainer and Manager of financial advisors. Apart from his executive consulting and training services, Wahome is also an inspiring guest speaker and is the founder of the “Personal Finance Academy”, which offers three distinct financial literacy programs (Headstart Masterclass, Wealth Creation Masterclass and Personal Financial Planning Masterclass) in a revolutionary way of thinking about wealth creation that is attracting growing interest in the market place. In his words:

“In my tenacious search for knowledge and elusive answers, I’ve stumbled upon many pearls of wisdom that have yet to infiltrate the domain of common knowledge to as many people as will listen, as it will change the course of their lives and businesses in profound and inspiring ways.”

Guest speaking

Wahome has been a corporate guest speaker and program facilitator for many years and is becoming a regular guest on Radio and Television on matters of Personal Finance. He is currently hosting a biweekly program on Radio Waumini known as money matters and is a regular contributor to the Small Medium Enterprises Today Magazine where he runs a monthly column on money matters.


Wahome at home and Society

He is a doting father of three young adults- one working son and one daughter at university. He is a husband to a practicing psychologist working with the leading children’s hospital in the region. He is the chair of his neighbourhood residents association and also holds a number of social responsibilities.

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