Wealth Creation Blueprint

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By The end of this blueprint you will have

  • Clarity in financial matters.
  • SMART personal financial plans.
  • Knowledge of various investment vehicles.
  • Qualified personal financial plan.
  • Comfort of making informed financial decisions.
  • Knowledge of effective income management.
  • Here Is what you will get in the The Wealth Creation Blueprint

    • 1. A Wealth Creation Mindset
      • Hidden characteristics of money.
      • The basic wealth creation formula.
      • How our personalities affect our financial life.

      2. How are my Finances

      • Financial journey of life.
      • Financial planning.
      • Net worth.
      • Debts and Contingency Funds.

      3. The Big Five

      • Identifying the five big budget items in life and how to convert them into financial goals.
      • Why home ownership is important, how to own one with ease even if it means taking a mortgage.
      • Securing sun set years via practical retirement plan.

      4. The Big Five Continues

      • Ensuring we are able to finance our children’s tertiary education by planning early.
      • Planning to take a holiday every year as a way of life. Life is for living.
      • The various ways of creating other income streams even as we make more money in our current engagements.

      5. Getting more out of every shilling

      • Getting more out of every shilling.
      • Effective income management.
      • Budget development.
      • Shopping sensibly.
      • Credit Cards.
      • Taking advantage of tax laws.

      6. Planting Money Trees

      • The five broad areas of investments.
      • The Five Money Trees.
      • What to consider when planning where to invest.
      • Making more money with others in chamas, investment clubs, saccos, retirement schemes and insurance policies.

      7. Nurturing the Money Trees

      • How to make money in the high risk, high returns environment of shares & forex trading.
      • Opportunities of growing wealth using government bonds, treasury bills, unit trusts & corporate bonds.
      • Exploring the new areas of cryptocurrencyies, REITS and Managed Capital.
      • Basis of picking experts when investing

      8. Consolidating the Money Trees

      • Consolidating the money trees.
      • Investing in real estate.
      • Business as a source of incomes.
      • Financing business n business ideas.
      • Farming as business.
      • Multi level marketing.

      9. Protecting my Wealth

      • Identifying the potential risks that need to be managed.
      • Considering ways of managing risks at a personal level.
      • Discuss how to build the armory of risk management ranging from records management, insurance, healthcare contingency planning and estate planning.

      10. Sharpening the saw for Wealth Creation

      • Establishing a personal records organizer.
      • How to compile a comprehensive financial plan.
      • Practical resources for sharpening the saw and obstacles that derail plan execution.

      11. Final Session

      • Networking forum.
      • Sharing of commitment.
      • Graduation.
      • Implementation of personal financial program.


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