Course Outline

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Course Overview

Personal Financial Planning Masterclass is a program that aims at empowering financial advisers with knowledge and skills that help them offer viable solutions to their clients while diligently managing their finances and investments.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you shall have covered the following 10 sessions.

  1. Introduction to financial planning
  • What is financial planning? Why is it important? What are the steps to achieving it?
  • Avoiding the financial rat race
  • Financial wellness assessment
  • Financial wellness goals
  • The personal financial planning journey
  1. Developing a financial plan
  • Tools to use, components of the plan, revising the plan
  • Personal balance sheet
  • Interpretation of the net worth statement
  • Financial planning concepts
  • Life stages and financial planning
  1. Parts of the financial plan
  • Shelter, education, retirement, holiday and business fund plan
  • Setting SMART financial goals and achieving them
  • Focus on short term, intermediate and long term goals
  1. Cash flow management plan
  • Shelter, education, Retirement, How do I convert an idea into a viable business?
  • What are the various savings vehicles and how do they work?
  • What are the investment arenas available? – Shares, unit trusts, forex, bitcoins, forex, land.
  1. Savings and investment plan
  • Investment concepts from goats to gold
  • Getting more from the self
  • Pools of accumulation how make more
  • What is my shape for financial success?
  • What is my SHAPE for financial success?
  1. Investment Vehicles and Financial planning
  • Using other people’s expertise in
  • Shares
  • Unit trust
  • Forex
  • Government Securities
  • Choosing other experts
  1. Consolidating the Financial Plan
  • Investing in real estate
  • Business as a source of income
  • Where is the money for the business?
  1. Risk Management in Financial Planning
  • Healthcare – exercises, diet, regular tests- Medical insurance
  • Records – Next of kin, Titles, Disclosures
  • Perils on property – fire, blood, theft, property insurance
  • Accidents – alternative source of income – accident insurance
  • Wealth distribution – Estate planning – giving instructions
  1. Sharpening the Saw for financial planning
  • Improving financial planning education
  • Record keeping
  • Review the financial plans
  • Putting together the comprehensive financial plan.
  1. Executing the financial plan
  • Implementation tools
  • Measuring progress
  • Upscaling and adjustments

Course Setup

The Personal Financial Planning Masterclass program gives two options:-

  • Open Class
  • Company organised

Personal Financial Planning Masterclass requires that you invest 3 Hours a week for 10 weeks

Your other investment is Ksh 30,000 + 16% VAT

Payments can be made via Lipa na Mpesa Till Number 556495, cash or cheque made out to Citadel Consulting Limited.

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