Head$tart Masterclass

The Headstart Masterclass is run by highly experienced facilitators under the Personal Finance Academy.

The facilitators who have had international experience, take the participants through interesting, interactive and practical sessions on how to profit from careers, talents and investments.

The participants also get a chance to interact with their peers and share information and experiences related to careers, talent and investments.

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More about the program

By the end of this course you shall have covered the following 6 sessions.

Starting Strong

  • How can you build a strong personal brand that helps you excel in your career, talent or business?
  • How do you write a winning CV that’s an accurate reflection of your skills and capabilities?
  • What are the skills that will improve your interview performance and get you hired?
  • Does your etiquette at the workplace place you ahead?
  • Is it possible to use time as a resource in your career, talent or entrepreneurship?

A mindset of riches

  • What are the hidden characteristics of money that make it a difficult subject?
  • How can I set smart financial goals and achieve them?
  • How do I easily go through the money stages of life? -student, employee/entrepreneur, parent and retiree.
  • How can I develop an entrepreneur’s mindset?
  • Entrepreneurship or employment? What is the determinate tool?
  • Guest testimony

Building financial life skills

  • How does my personality affect my money habits?
  • What are the common money related pitfalls?
  • How do I overcome the pitfalls?
  • How can I take charge of my finances?
  • What are the financial issues that I should master? – CRB, HELB, filing returns, PAYE.
  • How can I take advantage of tax laws to create more income?

Growing wealth through savings and investments

  • How do I convert an idea into a viable business?
  • What are the various savings vehicles and how do they work?
  • What are the investment arenas available? – Shares, unit trusts, forex, bitcoins, forex, land.

Protecting what matters

  • How can I strike a side hustle and employment balance?
  • What are the employment benefits that I am entitled to?
  • What is the place of debt in life?
  • How do I manage personal risks and insurance matters?
  • How can I start strong with what I have?


Saturday Sessions

  • Every Saturday
  • From 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
  • Sessions are practical and interactive


Head$start Masterclass requires that you invest 2.5 Hours a week for 6 weeks

Class perks

  • Refreshments
  • Head$tart Masterclass manual with the relevant notes
  • A one to one session with one of our financial educators
  • Entrepreneurship consultants, reference materials, electronic templates, exercises
  • Confirmatory certificate of participation
  • Graduation breakfast/lunch , videography and photography


Payments can be made via Lipa na Mpesa Till Number 556495, cash or cheque made out to Citadel Consulting Limited.

  • Take yourself to the top through profiting from career planning and understanding money rules.
  • Have a mindset for riches. This is the mindset that helps you unlock your wealth potential
  • Identify “where does my money go?” and keeping records on “ins” and “outs”
  • Save and be a master investor who starts right and wins early.
  • Understand the debt multiplier and stay ahead through financial education.

The program targets University and college students as well as recent graduates all aged between 19 and 25 years.

Wahome Ngari is an accomplished business leader with a passion of building people and their businesses. His knowledge and expertise is founded primarily upon practices and hands on experience acquired through the years as a successful leader in the business arena.

He has committed many hours in learning from thought leaders within the wealth creation field and continue to ‘sharpen the saw’.

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